Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Just Us Three - Joanne, Andy and Mya

Joanne and Andy got married earlier this year and had a very small ceremony with just their parents and their daughter Mya. They didn't have a photographer at their wedding and they asked me if I would take some portraits of the three of them. I jumped at the chance. 

From the second I met Joanne, I knew that we would get on well (I can't disclose what our first topic of conversation was *cough* edible underwear *cough*)She is a really funny, genuine and lovely person. She has an amazingly expressive face that I could photograph all day. Her husband Andy is just as lovely and their daughter Mya is just the sweetest, most petite little thing ever (she even put up with my calling her Mia all day and just smiled politely when I did). 

Joanne had warned me to wear my wellies as she believes that bad weather follows her around. In the days running up to the shoot I was checking the weather forecast almost hourly and it was set to be a sunny day. It was a sunny day...until they arrived and there was a bloody great thunderstorm and a heavy shower. We found a little hiding place and I started clicking away, quickly realising that the light during the thunderstorm was amazing.

Here are a few of the gorgeous couple and their beautiful Mya.

L x

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  1. laura thanks for a fabulous day you truly are a miracle worker with your camera, we had such fun with you that day. Love the pics (how right was i about the weather though ha ha) thanx again jo xxx